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Hello dear ones!

It has been a long time since I reached out to you. A lot happened in my world and I would say it is definiately the wildest ride of my life. Not only that I am a mum of a wonderful 4 year old boy now, or that I moved to a foreign country far away from family and friends, I am also in the midst of walking a new path in my life. .

I feel the need of sharing my experiences with you in this 13th newsletter.... after a really long break. And it couldn´t be a better topic for the time now. The time of going within, of nourishing our essence, of caring for our kidney energy. Samhain is near and with it the end of the celtic year.

Dive into my little message for you, for your soul. Enjoy the pictures which reflect a snippet of my life in the last few years. My intention is to reconnect with you more regularly and invite you to come with me on my journey. I am really looking forward to hearing from you! Let me know how you are!

I send you so much love!

"In order to know the light, we must first experience the darkness."
- Carl Gustav Jung

My new path

After my adventurous journey to England, and the probably craziest jump into unknown and cold waters, I know now that I was guided to walk this new path.

The rite of passage of becoming a mother was my biggest teaching and I learnt, that I have to completely surrender and let go of control. Not the easiest exercise for me. The first years of motherhood were amazing and exhausting. I felt that the outside world was testing us, The pandemic and two lockdowns were a challenging time. After I let go of the fear and the resistance, I felt so in peace. A time of stillness in the midst of chaos. The first lockdown was in the summertime, so we all enjoyed nature and felt really blessed exploring the lakes and woods. The second lockdown was a different experience, as it was in the cold and dark time of the year. We were snuggling up inside and I felt my need of space was growing every single day. Space to expand and to be creative. Not possible with a little toddler, a big partner and a puppy in a small cottage.

Our young family mastered all these challenges. And I am really proud that we navigated through this stormy times in a good way. Being a mother also had a huge impact on my life as a Shiatsu practitioner. I had to let go of my passion and focus on new ideas and directions. I felt like shedding a skin that became to tight and didn´t fit any more. I adapted and to the natural rhythm around and within me. I sat and listened to the messages of the land and of my heart. Waited for guidance which direction I should walk.

I heard a loud call to dive deeper into the path of the Moondance Tradition, which I started while I was pregnant. This year I danced the 6th year on the land where I was born, in Austria. Now I carry my medicine name Tezcatlalli - Mirror of the earth. A strong name that resonates deeply in my bones and blood.

My partner Richard and I created the space of Spiritland Foundation. A space to reconnect with nature and with yourself. This is our dream and we are working hard to manifest a beautiful piece of land, dedicated to spirit.

I also felt the wish to write and doing art and creating a form of income with it. A completely new path for me, which still feels surreal sometimes. I trust that this journey will unfold and will allow me the freedome to homeeducate our son Izaak,. Whilst being fully present for my family. I created my Etsy Shop "Sabeen Tezcatlalli" where I offer my creations.

As the time of stillness approaches again, I will use the darkness around me to dream and weave more visions into reality. I will let the seeds incubate during winter, nourish them so that they grow vividly in spring.

This is me. .

The guardians of my new home

Living in a foreign country can be difficult and isolating. And it can be energizing. I always felt that the land was calling me. Humming and vibrating through my body. A ressonance that I never experienced before. It was a call to come home.

The standing stones and stone circles are one of the powerful guardians in this country. The first time Richard brought me to a stone circle I felt overwhelmed and tears of joy were blessing the sacred grounds. I am still iin awe every time I connect with the grandfathers and grandmothers stone.

We are very blessed to live in the Lake District. Surrounded by magical woods, mesmerising lakes, rivers and waterfalls. I truly belief it is a secret home of fairies. I give gratitude every day for this precious gift.

Before I say goodbye for now, I would love to send you a blessing from my heart.

May your time in darkness and stillness be nourishing.
May you honour this endless cycle of change.
May you allow your body, mind and spirit to find renewal.

With all my Love!
Sabeen Tezcatlalli

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