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It took quite a while to get this newsletter from my mind to paper and to have it translated into english as well! I am very proud to present the first english version of  my newsletter, which is dedicated to the bladdermeridian.

How do we manage our resources? Do we feel powerful and do we fulfill ourselves little or big joys in our life? How do we treat ourselves? Topics that affects me in my personal life as well.

Recognizing that sometimes I am not respecting my boudaries and that I don´t care for myself and not enjoying momentums of happiness in my life made me sad. I want to change this consciously!

I try to live NOW! I fulfill myself small and big heartwishes. One of them was my journey to Scotland in spring this year. As you can see from my Pictures in this Newsletter, it was an incredible experience! Looking at them bring back all the lovely memories immediately. The end of the journey was highlighted by Bill Palmer´s and Teresa Hadland´s shiatsu Workshop "Tensegrity, Fascia and developmental Meridians" in beautiful Dunkeld. I was deeply touched by nature, meeting wonderful people and coming home to myself! I felt totally connected!


 "Your Vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes."

 - Carl Gustav Jung



The bladdermeridian - nourishing your inner resources


The Bladdermeridian is the Yangmeridian of the element water. It is the longest meridian in our body. It represents incitement and adaptability. Provided with sufficient resources we are able to handle requirements and changes in our life smoothly and fluently. But this is exactly our daily struggle.

An exhausted bladdermeridian results in a weakness of our base energy, which is supported by our kidneymeridian (the yinmeridian of the element water). That´s why our energy level often feels impoverished at the end of the day and our back aches. The bladder meridian recharges its batteries during the night when we sleep.

Stress, irregular lifestyle, sleep deficiency and the permanent overflow of stimulants from outside, as well as missing joys of life attack our bladder energy and the water energy generally.

As the bladder energy also embodies our psychological spine and our determination, emotions like fear, jelousy, guilt or repressed sexual desires can have a negative effect. These kinds of emotions are often hidden in the rearmost corner of our mind and we don´t want to acknowledge them. At the same time we represent ourself differently to the world and don´t show our true nature. Such unwelcomed luggage slows us down and deuces our incitement. Additionally the effort hiding ourselves is very exhausting.


Listen to your inner self and ask yourself the miraculous question „What fulfills me with happiness?“

Maybe there are some burried wishes your are longing for a very long time already. Or there is the need for a relaxing afternoon, a good book, moments of silence and stillness, meeting friends or lots of sleep. It doesn´t matter what you need. Try to fulfill your wish and desire. Now ist the exact moment for it! 


Bladder stretch

Straighten up - a good way to strengthen your bladdermeridian


For stretching your bladdermeridian find a relaxed sitting position on the floor, one leg straight. The second leg is placed in a cross legged position on the straight one. Your knee should rest on your thigh. Lengten your upper body … imagine your are tree reaching out to the sky and the sun. Keeping that lengthening bow over your legs. Stack your fists on your knee and rest your head on your hands. You will feel beautifully the whole bladdermeridian starting from your head flowing down your back and leg. Additionally you can press the bladder 1 point between your eyebrows with your thumbs. During the strech focus on your feet. They should be acitve, meaning you spread your toes and point your balls of your feet away from you. This will acitvate your leg as well and your knee is protected.

Hold the stretch for 5-10 long breaths. Feel your lungs filling up and getting empty. Like a wavy movement in your upper body. Change sides afterwards.

If this stretch feels to intense you can downlevel it easily. Try to sit on floor as described above without bowing, only lengthening towards the sky. Or sit on a chair, upper body straight and your legs straight pulling away from you with active feet. You can either raise the upper body against the sky again, or try to bow over your legs to get a more intense stretch.

Fairy Pools Isle of Skye

Random Acts of Kindness

This absolut incredible way of spreading joy has touched my heart immediately. I have tried it several times already and am stunned by the reactions!

There are diverse possibilities. Like smiling in the tube and getting a smile back from total strangers, leaving the coin in your shopping trolley for the next customer, or helping somebody carrying the shopping to the car.

At the end you will get a wonderful gift – a smile that opens hearts!





Online Shopping und Charity

Shop2help shows that this is no contradiction! I discovered this wonderful concept recently and used it regularly since then. Two klicks before ordering online – that´s all. Quite a lot of shops are partners and you can choose the charitiy organisation as well. The website is german, but selfexplaining.


Bothy in Scotland


In Baden near Vienna I am offering only home visits now

This change is new and a very exciting switch for me. I am enjoying it so far!


secret spot in Dunkeld

With all my Love!