The outcome of Shiatsu

Touch is the core of Shiatsu.
You can see without being seen, you can hear without being heard, but you can not touch without being touched. That is the magic of the sense of touch. It is a fundamental need, rooted deep inside us and embodies quality in our lives.

We all know times of stuckness where physical and emotional problems manifest themselves. TCM calls this state a blockage of the free flow of Qi. We loose the connection to parts of ourselves, feel disharmonised. Shiatsu helps to open the body and mind and supports you in your development.

Shiatsu explores the energetic situation in your body, listens to hidden, empty spaces (kyo) and to the active, outstanding spaces (jitsu). The firm and confident, gentle and direct touch communicates with deep layers of the body. The practitioners instruments are fingers, hands, ellbows, knees and feet and the treatment also includes stretches, rotations and mobilisations which harmonise the meridians and their energetic patterns.

Shiatsu listens to your body and nourishes your inner ressources. You develop a new awareness of your body, mind and spirit and recognize signals of your body. It creates a space for you and allows the unfolding of new potentials in your physical and emotional body.

I hold the space for you and instead of doing you can just be.