The Shiatsu treatment

For the Shiatsutreatment you will lie on the floor on a comfortable futon. Your positon might vary during the treatment, and can also be sitting upright or on a table or a shiatsu chair. Shiatus is suitable for everybody, no matter what age. You will be completely dressed during the treatment. As we want to generate space and relaxation in your body, I highly recommend comfy clothes, preferable cotton or natural fabric.

I love to see people in their completeness – with all their qualities and needs, their visions and their stories.
Thats why I only offer bespoke treatments, tailored for your current situation and wishes. .

Observation, talking, listening and feeling will guide us to a holistic treatment concept. My fingers, hands, ellbows or knees follow specific meridians in your body and generate gentle and deep pressure. With the help of the meridians we develop an understanding to connect with your body in a completely new way. You will always have the possibility to give feeback and I might encourage you to join in with active movement. You will deepen and explore your body awareness.

The core of Shiatsu is mindful touch. I experience it as complete relaxation and symbolizes affection and security for me. Between you and me will be a nonverbal dialog, a dance, guided by emphathetic touch, gentle stretches, rotations and mobilisations.

The process

Every appointment starts with a short talk.
The Shiatsu session will take approximately 50 minutes and I always allow some time for you to integrate the experience in silence.
At the end there is space for sharing.

Babies and children determine the treatment process themselves. I will be as flexible as possible, to ensure that the little ones feel happy and safe.


I offer unique one-to-one sessions at your home or in your holiday cottage. Or you can enjoy your session surrounded by the magical nature in my shiatsu practice in the heart of the Lake District.

Shiatsu is not a medicinal treatment or therapy. It might be necessary to consult your attending physician or psychotherapist.

If you have a privete health insurance please ask for contribution towards your treatment.

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