What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu derives from far eastern therapies and is a holistic bodywork. The understanding of Qi or Ki, the free flow of the universal life force, Yin and Yang, the aspects of the 5 elements, as well as the Meridians and their functions are the pillars of this special bodyart.

Shiatsu has its origins thousands of years ago in Japan and was more recently formalised into its modern form over a hundred years ago. It draws on much of traditional Chinese knowledge for its theoretical base, using the same meridians and points as in acupuncture. Shiatsu is constantly evolving as our understanding of the body evolves and different styles draw upon other bodywork traditions as well as western medicine approaches.

Shiatsu is calm and relaxing in nature, yet dynamic in effect; the body begins to re-adjust itself and healing processes take place. It balances the physical, mental and spiritual levels and you, as the Receiver, are supported to become more aware of your body and mind. You become aware of areas of tension or weakness and get in deep contact with yourself.