Why Shiatsu?

Are you feeling exhausted and wishing to gain strenght again?
Do you want to let go of physical, mental and emotional stress?
Are you looking for a space to create a state of serenity?
Do you want to understand the messages of your body?
Are you feeling stuck in habitual patterns?
Do you wish to feel nourished from within?

Shiatsu regulates energetic disbalances before they can manifest in dis-eases. Shiatsu supports also psychotherapies, physiotherapies, conventional medical treatments and regeneration or rehabilitation after injuries or illness. Shiatsu helps releasing social or work related stress and eases physical and emotional tension.

Shiatsu provides a space to be “touched” and it supports you to integrate your experiences in life. You will discover a new flexibility which allows you to leave well known paths and explore new ones. The result is an inner ballance, a healthy spirit and body.

Based on the harmonising treatment method, Shiatsu has a positive inpact on all functions of the autonomic nervous system, for example breathing, digestion, sleep, menstruation, and it also has a supportive effect on musculoskeletal system. Shiatsu can bring relief for specific kinds of pain and it helps you to develop a new bodyawareness and mindfulness.

If you are pregnant I will adapt the treatment to your specific needs. You can find more details for Shiatsu in pregnancy on my website.

Children are very special clients! Their point of view is often unique and I try to connect with them in a very playful and fun way. Nowadays being a kid is not always easy and there are times that demand extra support (for example hyperactivity, anxiety, nervosity, insomia). The supportive and deep touch of Shiatsu reminds them of the sense of basic trust and the feeling of security. Your child is the director of the Shiatsusession and there are no limitations. I also encourage the parents to play a main part of the treatment.