About me

I am Sabine Kovats. Born in June 1977 in Vienna my family and I live now in the Lake District in England.
When I was a little child my wish was to become a nurse, as I always wanted to help people. Thats why my soul path led me to Shiatsu, after my studies of biology and genetics. I started to get in contact with this amazing bodywork by getting treatments myself. I immediately felt the magic of the Shiatsu touch. I knew that I want to learn this art of touch and movement. Extra-occupational I dove into the depth of the Shiatsu world at Shiatsu Austria, guided by Dr. Eduard Tripp and Stephan Hilpert. I graduated 2012 and worked ever since as a Shiatsu Practitioner.
Particularly inspired by Movement Shatsu and Thai-Shiatsu I love to combine the powerful approaches of eastern and western wisdom. I peronally love movement and implement aspects of passive Nuad-Massage to the traditional Zen-style. It always amazes me to see clients connecting with their body in a completely new way and surrendering to the sensations of touch and movement.

I am a dreamer, who loves stargazing and dancing in the moonlight.
I love summerrain tickeling my face and the smell of woods and moss in my hair.
I love the sparkling sensation on my skin when diving into wild waters and witnessing the enchanting dance of the flames in a bonfire.
I love the feeling of damp gras underneath my feet and the touching laughter of my son.
I love healing rituals for myself and mother earth and the discovery of little wonders around me.
I love the scent of lavender and rose and caressing my beloved body with lovely oils.

I follow the call of my heart.
I love and hate, argue and forgive, fail and learn, give and receive. I am couragous and anxious, am strong and vulnerable.
I am alive.

I am a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and member of the Austrian and British Shiatsu Society (MRSS).
I am a qualified Well Mother Shiatsu practitioner (Holistic Care for Maternity Diploma).
I am a certified aceki Baby-Shiatsu practitioner.