Baby-Shiatsu treatment

During the Baby-Shiatsu treatment we flow with the needs of your little one. Your Baby will lie comfortable on your lap, or mine, if you prefer this, or we will make a comfy little nest on the shiatsu futon for her or him. I will make sure, that your baby will feel totaly safe and happy.

Your Baby determines the treatment, as she or he knows exactly what is needed at the moment and she or he will clearly communicate with us.

That means there is flexibilty in the duration of the treatment, as babies awareness can vary from 5 to 40 minutes. You and/or your partner are always present during the Baby-Shiatsu session and will play a big part of it.

I highly recommend to bring comfy clothes for yourself and the little one, a towel, toys, nappies and clothes to change.

If your baby is not in the mood for Baby-Shiatsu, we can easily transform the session into a mummy or daddy treatment, or we can dive into specific Baby-Shiatsu touch by practicing on a doll.

I also offer workshops for up to 6 parents and babies on request. You will experience a new way of communicating with your baby, by observing its development and using touch and guided movement as tools to support him or her.

I am certified aceki Baby-Shiatsu Practitioner trained by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke, Shiatsu-Practitioner and Author of several Baby-Shiatsu books.


Baby-Shiatsu does not substitute any medical treatment and does not claim to be one. It is a great support for medical and psychological treatments for yourself or your child.

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