The caressing, gentle and clear touch of Shiatsu is particularly valuable for babies. Their sensitive awareness responds amazingly to this kind of touch. Baby-Shiatsu is specially designed for the needs of our little ones and supports them during their development.

Baby-Shiatsu is a very gentle, yet effective method to connect with your baby from the first day. It is also an incredible tool if you notice stuckness in your babies development.

The western developmental psychology combined with the eastern Shiatsu approach has a positive effect on your babies health and wellbeing. The simple and focused touch help your baby in challenging times of the early life stages – for example tummy ache, teething and sleeping problems.

Baby-Shiatsu supports the development of the motoric, sensoric, emotional and energetic basis, to help unfold the full potential of your little one later on in life. In the first year we provide the base for our awareness of our body – emotional and physical. In our first months of life we determine how we walk through life and harness our potentials. Baby-Shiatsu gives you tools to accompany your precious one in this special time.