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Online Sessions with Qi-Shiatsu

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. I explore unusual terrain… knowing that touch is what each and everyone of us needs now! In this bespoke Online Session I will show you how you can bring the magic of Shiatsu into your home. I highly recommend this offer for couples, who are preparing for the arrival of the little one, and for mums and dads, who love to pamper their baby in a very special way.

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Qi-Shiatsu now in Ambleside!

I am very excited about my new room in Ambleside at the Parish Centre. The Shiatsu space offers amazing panoramic views on the fells. Surrounded by trees, birds and open sky you can completely surrender into deep relaxation. Please contact me to book your appointment.

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English website

The translation of my website into english is well on the way! Please accept my apology for any unfinished articles.  If you are particularly interested in a topic, please contact me!


“The past is already gone,
the future is not yet here.

There is only one moment for you to live,
and that is the present moment.”



The 12th newsletter nourishes your inner resources

The bladdermeridian is our backbone, our incitement. Very often we are not mindful of our sources of strength and we feel empty and exhausted. Listen carefully to your heart and ask yourself if your deepest wishes in life are fulfilled and if you experience moments of happiness. Don´t wait, the right moment is NOW…

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“Be the change
you wish to see in this world.”

Mahadma Gandhi


The 11th newsletter helps to realize

This newsletter is all about the small intestine meridian. Recognizing what is helpful and needed in our lives isn´t always easy. Here you will find a few inspirations to support your small intestine energy. I introduce a wonderful stretch and tips to relieve your digestive system. Enjoy…

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“Teachers can open the door
You enter by yourself.”



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