Shiatsu in pregnancy

Your pregnancy is a very precious time, filled with new sensations and it symbolizes a big transformation in a woman´s life. You will feel hormonal, physical and energetical changes in your body and your mind, which might be challenging for you and your partner and family.

Shiatsu is a wonerful bodywork to support you, your partner and also your baby during this magical time – from conception until birth and the time after. You and your partner will experience a deep and profound connection to your body and your unborn child. You will discover your trust and the inner wisdom for enjoying your pregnancy fully.

Shiatsu supports you in all phases of the pregnancy and also during the time after the birth. The focus is to hold space for you and your baby and with gentle touch and movement bring you in a deep state of relaxation, where you can listen to the messages of your body and to your needs. As soon as you are in peace and serene, your baby will be as well.

I am your companion on your journey into motherhood, as a practitioner, a sister and a mother.