Shiatsu and conception

Conception is the fusion of the sexual masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) energy for creating the prenatal essence (Jing) of your baby. Our essence determines our constitution, our strength and vitality in adulthood and is difficult to influence. The prenatal essence´s quality and quantity is destined and can be positively affected by good balance between activity and rest, good diet, healthy breathing activity, clear mind. A positive life force nourishes our Jing, which is needed for our own procreation, growth and maturation.

Lots of couples experience big struggles in creating new life. Natural remedies, advices from friends and family and experimenting with different strategies around love making puts massive stress on a couples intimacy. It often results in medical assisted reproduction.

For me personally every conception is magic which can not be forced or controlled. What we can do is to trust, that magic can happen and to make it more likely to happen for us, by strengthening all resources inside ourselves.

We will develop a treatment concept, which is bespoke for your individual need. The holistic approach of Shiatsu and its specific techniques will support you and your partner for the time of conception. I emphasise the restoration of your resources, as every monthly dissapointment of not being pregnant is very straining. If you decide to get medical support (IVF, ICSI or Intrauterine Insemination) Shiatsu will be very benefical for your physical and emotional journey.

Shiatsu has a positive effect on your hormonal balance, detoxifies your body and gives you a well needed emotional time-out. I focus on you as a couple as particularly men struggle a lot with fertility disorders. Shiatsu treatments can act beneficial on the procreative capacitiy of men, in case of a reduced sperm count for example.

Your baby´s nest will be prepared and we will create the space to let the magic of life happen!