Why Shiatsu in pregnancy?

First Trimester (1-12 weeks)

The first 12 weeks in pregnancy are a time of hormonal changes, new beginning and sometimes also fear. Your body is starting to transform and adapt, your breath and your heartbeat accelerate, your joints and tendons loosen up and become more flexible. Your might experience pain in your breasts, morning sickness, crazy gravings and emotional sensitivity.

During this time your baby is a little egg, building its nest in your uterus. There it starts its amazing growing and development process. You can support your baby already by nourishing your Jing (the essence), your Qi (the life energy) your blood and a smooth flow of them into your uterus and to your baby. This will boost your baby with energy and nutrients. Shiatsu also eases maternity sickness and all the worries that come up in your mind during this fragile phase. This is the perfect time to practice some selfcare!

Second Trimester (13-28 weeks)

In the second phase of your pregnancy all the early discomforts disappear most of the time and your baby is now settled in your tummy. We are talking about foetus now, which is now on the mission to grow. This is the time where your belly starts to grow and you can´t hide the magic any more. Your might feel sore tendons around your pelvis, or increasing pressure on your internal organs, bechause your baby demands room. Possible heartburns, oedemas in your legs or a permanent urge to urinate might be bothersome symptoms now.

Shiatsu is supporting you to walk gracefully through all challenges. You will strengthens the bond to your baby, feel his or her movements and become the most beautiful and divine being – a pregnant woman. The rapid development of your little one demands more Qi and blood from your body, that is why now is the time for nourishing treatments to build up your strength and wellbeing.

Third Trimester (29-40 weeks)

Now nearly all organs are completely developed in your baby and he or she starts to explore different positions in your tummy, until it finally finds the perfect birth position. Now you might feel discomfort in your back and might also struggle to find a good night sleep position. You start to sense gentle contractions which help your baby to slide deeper in your pelvis.

During the last phase of your pregnancy Shiatsu will help you to build up the strength and trust for your birth experience. It also gives you daily tools to support your body and ease discomfort and pain. You will learn specific positions to engage your baby to find a perfect birth position. I also offer the possibility to book a partner session, to dive into the art of touch during birth together. You and your partner will have time to explore techniques, excercises and different birthing positions and movements. Your partner can already connect with your baby and you will be harnessed for a gentle and lovingly supported birth experience.

Labour and Birth

Your big day finally arrived! Triggered by homrones and your baby your labour will start and you will dive into the beauty and power of giving birth. Your birth partner supports you with all the tools you have got – sacred touch, body positions, breathing techniques, sounding, visualisations, and much more. You feel strong, supported and ready to meet you little one. Trust your body! Trust yourself! You are a woman carrying the wisdom of birth in every single cell.

I am happy to create a birthing ritual with you when you get close to this magical moment. The sacred ritual will honor you and your gift of giving birth and your divine goddess inside you. Your soul will be nourished and worshipped and will be fully ready for bringing your little baby into this world.

Childbed or Puerperal

During the birth of your baby you gave everything and your Qi is strained. During birth you lost blood which also weakens your blood and yin. In traditional chinese medicine breastmilk is considered to be transformed blood, that is why it is extremely important to restore the mothers Qi, blood and Yin. Now is time to rest and to get pampered. The supportive effect of Shiatsu strengthens your body, gives you the extra care you need at the moment and also helps you with the emotional changes after birth.

Especially after a traumatic birth, a ceserian, an episiotomy or a peridural anaesthesia I highly recommend special care of mother and baby. I will guide you to connect with your scartissue and also the emotiional wounding that took place. Some women feel guilty of not being able to have a natural birth. Every birth is special and we will transform thoughts of judgement and guilt into beauty.

In this special time of rest and recovery I will come to your home. You and your baby can be together during the whole session. I will completely flow with your needs.

You are a Mummy!

Being a Mum is a big challenge! Breastfeeding, feeding, sleepdisruption, no time for yourself and full awareness on your little one demands lots of strength. Shiatsu gives you time for yourself, time for pampering yourself and to get nourished. I always encourage you to find time for daily mini excercises, which I show you during the session and which are really beneficial for your body.

I am as flexible as possible during your Shiatsu session. You can come with your baby into my practice or we can also arrange home visits. We can also include a Baby-Shiatsu taster session for your little one.