Shiatsu treatment in pregnancy

A Shiatsu treatment in pregnancy is different to a classical Shiatsu session. Depending on the phase of your pregnancy or your individual needs and disconforts each treatment is bespoke and designed for you and your baby. During pregnancy the gentle techniques are based on holding or rocking and I work with unique meridians (extraordinary vessels) which are extremely nourishing and comforting, for you and your little one.

I include your baby from the first moment in our session. This will build a strong bond between you and your child and you gain trust in your power as woman and mother. During your treatment you will rest on the comfortable futon and I will also introduce the birthing ball and different body positions for you. This will give you the opportunity to explore tools, movements and body postures for releasing discomfort during pregnancy and during labour.

Furthermore we will develop individual exercises for you which you can use as daily routines at home to strengthen your body on a regular basis. Being active during pregnancy also encourages your baby to find a good birthing postition and babies love the sensation of movement.

Shiatsu prepares you and your partner for labour and birth. Being in contact with your body and your baby help you to master all phases during the intense birthing process. I highly recommend a partner session, to support your birth partner gaining trust and confidence for holding space for you and your baby during birth. He or she will learn how to touch and interact with you and the baby during the different stages of birth.

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