Complementary Treatments



The concious use of sound for healing is known for thousands of years and are practiced in many traditions. Sound travels, vibrates and ressonates in deep layers of our physical and emotional body. It invites every cell inside us to come to a stillpoint and realign. Thats when healing happens. 

In our session my intuition guides me and I bring in different sound elements to support you in your journey. This might be soundbowls (Hess), Soundchimes (Koshi), shamanic drums and rattles. 

Surrounded by healing sound your body, mind and soul can relax deeply. 


Moxibustion is a specific treatment of acupuncture points (Tsubos) using heat. Using heat with acupuncture is an ancient treatment concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

If your body needs energy and warmth, moxibustion is the treatment of choice. I use it specially in dis-ease caused by Yin-inbalance. For example chronic dis-eases, weakness, feeling of coldness in the body, …) 

The heat is generated by burning of a specific herb (Artemisia vulgaris or mugwort). I hover the burning smudge stick over your body stimulating correlating tsubos. The heat travels in the deep tissues of the body.  

Artemisia vulgaris is a well known healing plant, found in Asia and Europe. Its leaves are dried and bound to a smudge stick. The magic about this medicinal plant is its ability to connect with every single meridian energy. It burns at the exactly right temperature to generate healing. It feels like it is talking to the different meridians.  

Using Moxibustion your body gets Yang-Energy from the outside. It is a quick, direct and non-invasive method compared to outher treatments. 


The treatment with cupping is a valuable method to detoxify the body and stimulate its own immune response. 

Cupping is using cupping glasses which generate underpressure on the tissue. I personally use the technique of cupping massage, meaning I move the cupping glasses on your body along the meridians. The tissue gets activated and increases the blood circulation. 

During the cupping massage your body will be treated with warm massage oil, always combined with essential oil therapy. This ensures a pleasurable sensation for all senses during the cupping massage. 

The better blood circulation helps your body to activate the metabolism and detoxify. It also releases tension in your body and your tissue gets naturally lifted. Our skin is also connected to inner organs which also benefit from a cupping massage. 

Medical Taping Concept

Medical Taping Concept is based on the method of kinesiotaping, developed in 1970ies in Japan and Korea. Physical acitivity and movement of muscles is important to maintain a healthy body. Muscles are not only important for moving parts of our body, but they also help to regulate blood- and lymphcirculation and body temperature. 

Specifically after a tissue trauma our body reacts with inflamation and local swelling, increasing the pressure in tissues around the trauma as well. The increased pressure has a negative effect on blood circulation and lymphflow and pain receptors start to react. 

A Medical Tape makes more space in the tissue, which minimizes the internal pressure and you can feel an immediate relief of pain. Also the circulation of blood and lymph is recovered which shortens the healing time. It never blocks your movement, which is the case in conventional sporttaping. 

For Medical Taping I use elastic CureTapes, which support the tissue in its function without immobilising it.  

Medical Taping Concept is a wonderful method after injuries, to reduce inflamation or edema, to support realignment of your body posture or pain relief for strained body parts (eg tennis ellbow).  Also neuroreflective Inbalance like headache or premenstrual syndrome can be treated with this type of taping. 

Refelxology massage

Our feet are like roots of a tree. If they are healthy and strong, we are in excellent condition. 

Reflexology is based on the knowledge, that every organ or bodypart is relflected on the soles and top of our feet. By massaging the specific parts of our feet we can communicate with a specific organ or bodypart.  

This specific massage therapy is only working with the feet. By massaging your feet you will feel a relief oftension and energy blocks in your body and your whole body feels energized.